Who we are

Our history…

Tree School is a project that has grown organically, day by day, like the seed of a tree, to what we are today. In September 2012 we began our adventure with just two families. Families with a clear idea; they needed a respectful space for their children to grow as individuals to feel and understand the world. From there we began to offer a space where children feel respected, calm, safe and secure. Little by little we began to grow and our project began to take shape to become the Mango that we are today.

For us, Los Niños del Mango is a realization of the dreams you think or heard were impossible and in the end are finally able to believe. We ignored this and instead listened to what we felt and continue to feel each day as the children come to Tree School. We listen to the magic that makes you see that other types of education are possible and that education is the way.

Behind this project are Cristina and Pablo.

Cristina studied early childhood education at the University of Granada
and then later completed an inter-university Master degree in
Environmental Education from Granada, Lille (France) and Lisbon
(Portugal). Since she founded Mango together with Pablo she has been
trained in numerous workshops, courses, etc.
Pablo studied psychology at the University of Granada. Since Mango
was founded he has been constantly training in short workshops,
seminars, etc. He is currently completing his Master degree of Memory
and Critic of Education (UNED). This helps him understand his daily
work and gives the historical basis of knowing what you want to change
and why.
Since 2012 their work together and trust in each other has made Mango
a truly unique space.