What we do

Respect and confidence in the children are the principal drivers that guide and give shape to
Tree School.
Our main objective is to enable the children to carry out what they propose or need for their
Our basic educational principles are:

  • Democratic education
  • Active pedagogy
  • Self-regulation
  • Respect for individual processes
  • Attention to emotional needs
  • Freedom and limits
  • Non-directivity
  • Prepared environments

This means our methodology​ is based on respect for individual learning and interaction
processes that facilitate deep collective learning. Each day the spaces are prepared to play
and learn with certain daily routines such as proposed workshops or lunch.
As for the workshops​, we must point out that they are optional and democratically chosen
by the children during the previous week, in what we call “Workshop Circle.”​ This is where
the children propose workshops and then vote on which ones they would like to do. We then
analyze what materials are needed and all the ideas are written on the board.
We would also like to point out “Problem Circles” which facilitate the resolution of conflicts
between peers. Here conflicts are openly discussed in a calm manner between the involved
parties. The peers can say their opinion and help to find a solution to the problem together.
For us, it is important to have fluid, active communication between the families and
ourselves along with a strong mutual trust. In this regard we are always open to shared
ideas, suggestions, experiences, etc.